Self-employed, Individuals and Families

A doctor is holding a clipboard and writing on it.

Jones Health and Benefits can help make sure you're getting the right information to match your personal requirements and objectives. We'll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, timelines and expectations.​

If you are in the following situations, please let us help you!

  • Currently self-employed with no health insurance or COBRA
  • Not eligible for coverage due to citizens status in the US
  • Turned 26 and aged off parent's health plans
  • Needing affordable Long Term Care Insurance
  • Need to protect your family with Life insurance or final expenses
  • Need to protect your lifestyle with Disability insurance
  • Need to provide Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness and Hospital Confinement coverage
  • Alternative healthcare programs are also available

Jones Health and Benefits is experienced with the vast array of insurance carriers and programs, so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge.

We meet with you personally via phone or in-person and get an understanding of your situation and health objectives.

We then gather all the relevant data as to how you would want your coverage to work and designed and solicit those insurance carriers for a mutual outcome.

We provide a total personalize approach to your healthcare and wellness needs, covering every aspect of plan design, service and cost-effectiveness.