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Ownership Background

Nichelle Jones, RHU - President and Owner

Perhaps you’ve been looking a long time. Perhaps your search has just begun. Perhaps you’re wondering, how do I choose a health insurance provider amongst a sea of options?  Well, if you’ve found your way to Jones Health and Benefits and to the doorstep of Nichelle Jones, you’ve already found one of the most mature, professional and efficient agents in the field.
Nichelle has worked entirely in the Southeast, consulting and project managing accounts both large and small. She’s been both a trusted advisor regarding complex business and human resource issues. She’s mentored, trained and lead everyone from college students to colleagues to clients and has managed to consistently surpass annual expectations in both performance and revenue.
With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management along with a current Georgia License of Life, Health and Sickness and RHU designation, Nichelle has a proven track record of experience, credentials and the ability to find a definitive solution that meets your needs. She is also a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and Board member of ProWIN.
Things may look tough and your back may be against the wall, but with Nichelle and Jones Health and Benefits standing with you, you can begin to take back your healthcare needs one step at a time.

Featured on Perspectives with Candace Pressley March 2014